Upholstery Cleaners Walsall

We offer Upholstery Cleaning in Walsall and the surrounding areas as part of our 35 year established business. This has gone from strength to strength over the time we have been working. We are proud of our work and as the best upholstery Cleaners in Walsall we will always demonstrate this in our display of cleaning standards.

Professional Upholstery Cleaning

Professional Upholstery Cleaning

The upholstery is cleaned using the same cleaning agent as the carpets. We use hand tools especially for the use of cleaning suites and all upholstered furniture. However, leather upholstery has to be cleaned by hand. Please see the leather cleaning section for more information. Any stains on the suite are treated and we offer protection from stains and spillages for your upholstery. (extra charge). This reduces the effects of spillages and stains. We  clean upholstery in commercial settings such as pubs,restaurants, clubs, hotels, offices etc.

Domestic Upholstery Cleaning Walsall

We first started in 1981 with domestic upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning in the home. The length of time we have been working reflects our knowledge in the cleaning services field. We enjoy the  contact with customers in their own home. We think our friendly approach is helpful to the customers as we offer our cleaning work in the home.

Commercial Upholstery Cleaning Walsall

We offer commercial upholstery cleaning in the commercial setting. This maybe bench seating in trains, buses and cars. It maybe furniture in pubs, restaurants, hotels and clubs. We can offer commercial upholstery cleaning these services in any setting.

Upholstery Cleaning Method

Upholstery is cleaned using the hand wand that is attached to our cleaning machine. If there are any stains present on the upholstery, we treat them before the start of the cleaning method. We do not claim to remove every stain we treat. However, we will always attempt to get rid of it using special stain removal agent. Stains like red wine, curry, coloured food or drink are usually hard to remove. If they are treated straight away after spillages, they have a  chance of being removed completely.

There are 4 actions in the cleaning agent and they are as follows:-

Degreaser: Breaks down dirt and grease in upholstery

Deodoriser: Gets rid of odours and leaves fresh smell in upholstery

Brightener: Enhances colours of upholstery (except where bleached)

Conditioner: Conditions and softens upholstery


Drying times vary depending on the fabric we are treating. The conditions in the room (heat or no heat) also contribute to

length of drying times.



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