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Frequently asked questionsQ: HOW OFTEN DO CARPETS NEED TO BE CLEANED?

It is recommended that carpets are cleaned a couple of times a year on average. However, depending on whether the carpets endure heavy use, medium or light use will depend on the frequency in which the carpet cleaning needs to be carried out.

Sometimes once a year is sufficient for the light user e.g. the person who is out at work all day, and for the heavy user, kids, dogs, tv dinners muddy shoes will mean that the carpet could do with cleaning 3 – 4 times throughout the year to ensure the lifetime of the carpet is prolonged.


It really depends on the quality of the carpet, the fibres in the carpets and also the humidity in the room.

Ideally the room temperature should be warm with an open window to allow the condensation to escape. Usually we say from 2 hours – half a day to dry completely.


The only reason for this happening is if the cleaning agent used remains sticky on the carpet and this then attracts dirt e.g. from the soles of shoes and boots. However the carpet cleaning agent that we use contains no sticky residue and therefore this would  not occur.

Q: CAN YOU GUARANTEE TO REMOVE STAINS? No company will ever commit theirselves to getting stains out unless the customer knows what the stain is but obviously we do our best to remove all stains. On average, 90% of stains can usually be removed successfully.

Q: WILL MY CARPETS SHRINK AT ALL WHEN THEY HAVE BEEN CLEANED? The only way carpets may shrink is if they are overwet whilst cleaning or there are no gripper rods attaching the carpets to the walls. We always ensure that the carpets are properly secured before cleaning. Finally carpets are cleaned in a professional manner so the chance of a carpet been overwet is not likely to occur.

Q: DO YOU HAVE TO WAIT WEEKS FOR AN APPOINTMENT? No, not normally. The most you will ever have to wait is about a week, but often we can get you in much faster, 3-4 days is normal. Occassionally we will have a space for the next day or day after.

Q: CAN YOU GET RID OF PET SMELLS IN MY CARPET? We use a deodoriser which is built into the cleaning agent. However, if we need something stronger, then we will always add an additional deodoriser which usually gets rid of any pet odours.

Q: WILL YOU BE ABLE TO GIVE ME A QUOTATION FOR CLEANING OVER THE PHONE? We will give you a price over the phone normally. However if you cannot give us any idea of sizes we will need to come out and give you a free no obligation quotation.

Q: CAN YOU GIVE A PRICE OVER THE PHONE FOR COMMERCIAL CLEANING? No, we will need to come out and give you a quote as the charges for commercial cleaning are different to domestic cleaning.



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