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 How often do  we look at our curtains hanging in our windows and say “I really must take them to the curtain cleaners and a few months later you are saying the same again but never actually get around to doing it?

Curtain cleaning takes time and we put it off for as long as we can. However there is an answer and they only thing you need to do is to call the professionals in to clean your curtains as they hang. There is no need for them to be taken down. All curtains are professionally dry cleaned as they hang in your window. So much easier as you don’t have the problem of taking them down and taking them to the Curtain Cleaners to be cleaned.


Dry Cleaning Curtains in Home

Our curtain cleaning method: –

We offer dry cleaning curtains in home as they hang in your window and they are firstly vacuumed off for dust and pet hair in some cases.  The dust in the air that we cant see floating around settles on your furniture and curtains which is why we need to have our curtain cleaning carried out at least twice a year. This leads to a build up of dust and dirt on the curtains and  this is not helpful to people who are allergic to dust. Following this any marks on your curtains are professionally treated before the first clean. Then a mineral dry cleaning solvent is applied to the curtains and then once cleaned the solvent is extracted out leaving clean, bright,  revitalized and dry curtains. All this with no inconvenience to yourself apart from one telephone call to our cleaning company.

Our Curtain Cleaners are dedicated professionals who have had years in the business, can give you any advice  relating to our cleaning services and offer a warm friendly approach.   We guarantee there will be no shrinkage when your curtains are cleaned.
All curtain cleaning requirements catered for.

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