How many germs in a carpet? Really?


Have you ever thought you could leave cleaning your toilet for 6 months or so? Almost certainly not.

It is a very surprising fact that our carpets hold approximately 200,000 germs per square inch, which is far more than a toilet seat holds and that is estimated at 50 germs per square inch. However cleaning our carpets is a thought which is often not at the top of our agenda when we have busy lifestyles and we will think nothing of going a year or two before even contemplating getting them professionally cleaned.

 It seems a fairly shocking fact but as long as you take precautions to regularly deep clean your carpets then the problem will be minimised quite considerably. If you think about it,  carpets are walked on all the time and therefore there would be transfer of dirt, grime and grease from shoes and boots that have been in the outside world to the carpets in your home or office. This means a copious amount of bacteria and allergens are residing in your carpets and over time more and more is added through constant use of the carpets.  The only way you can eliminate this problem is by having them deep cleaned a couple of times a year or if you are able to purchase new carpets. However cleaning is by far the cheaper option!

Professional Carpet Cleaning – Inexpensive way to add value to your home

“Home is where the heart is”- This is such a true saying that no matter how busy and whatever your constraints are, you make sure your house is as comfortable and awesome as you can think. You buy the latest upholstery to catch your guest’s eye and of course who wants to leave a chance of getting appreciated for your efforts you have put in for your house. Well it’s not just about buying the latest stuff for your house, but it’s about keeping things in a good condition so that they can give you service for a long life. Carpets are one such important thing in your house which adds to the look of your house.


Carpets adding that luxury


Carpets are indeed one of the most amazing things in the house which can either make or devastate the look of your house. They add that color and vibrancy which completes the look of your room. Ideally they are taken as rugs which accentuate the floor. Many times people place them on the wall too to give that look to the room. The best aspect of carpet is that it adds warmth to the house and makes the room snug. On the flip side there are some hassles with the carpet too. First and foremost and most pertinent one’s that carpet tend to be dust trappers and attract dirt from all quarters. The worst it shows on them too fast. Thus like a good house owner regular cleaning or one can say timely cleaning is necessary. The worst they get stained also very fast. Just imagine a rainy day, your boots and the next thing is dirt slush and whatever you can think off on your carpet.


The first thing which you should do as you buy a carpet is purchase a vacuum cleaner. These both should be purchased together. As no matter how hard and regular you dust them, you cannot suck the dirt out. This is best done with a vacuum cleaner. Gone are the days when carpets were cleaned with just baking soda. Now carpet cleaning is an extensive exercise which involves various steps. Carpet shampoo, carpet powders, steaming, using carbonated water are just few of the things involved in the process. The steps involved are pre treatment, Cleaning and neutralizing where we remove the used chemical completely so that all that is left is a clean fresh smelling carpet. Carpet cleaning anybody can do but if you want a carpet looking new forever with no germs and that irritating stain, it is best to take the help from a professional carpet cleaning company and hire them for the task. We know saving a few bucks may seem better but then one careless cleaning step may cost you your priceless carpet. Think about it.



Special Offers


If you have 2 Carpets cleaned you will be rewarded with an application of our Anti Soil Protector applied to 1 Carpet! (no larger than 15 x 12)


if you have a minimum of a 3 seater sofa and 2 chairs cleaned, you will be rewarded with a free carpet clean! (no larger than 15 x 12)

ENDS: JULY 30th 2017